Services and Expertise

Application Development

Full lifecycle application development including planning, design, implementation, testing and deployment. We offer custom development, maintenance and re-engineering services.

Business Process Management

Driving continuous improvement through the optimization of people, process and technology. We offer process discovery, modeling & design, business rules & workflow and simulation & testing.

Enterprise Architecture

Supporting technology-enabled business transformations through re-engineered enterprise frameworks. We offer analysis, design, planning and implementation.

Technology Assessment

Evaluating technologies through a balanced analysis of their effect on your business enterprise. We support you in identifying and leveraging technology for maximum impact.

IT Policy Development

Fostering growth and managing risk through information technology policy and procedure development. We help businesses meet best practices, regulatory requirements and internal goals through strategic and well-planned policy.

Content Management

Connecting people with the right information at the right time through strategic enterprise content management. We deliver end-to-end solutions including capturing, managing, storing, controlling and archiving content.

Employee Development & Training

Nurturing and empowering your talent through an array of employee development and training programs. We offer technology, process and custom training solutions.

Industries We Serve


Financial Services

Law Enforcement


Financial Services
Law Enforcement

Cayor enables growth, optimizes use of technology, maximizes investments and creates efficiencies.

Customer Engagement Model

Cayor takes an individualized approach to delivering technology services to each organization with which we work. Our approach focuses on Desired Outcomes and follows a three-phased approach to customer engagement.

Our Team

Cayor’s team boasts more than 30 years combined project management experience including leading results-oriented projects for multi-billion dollar organizations across a variety of industries including the financial services sector and within start-up environments. Experience includes managing global technology implementations, complex business development efforts, product development initiatives and strategic branding and marketing efforts.





About Cayor

Cayor Enterprises enables businesses, governmental bodies and organizations to think differently about how they conduct business, serve customers and engage with the community. We help our customers make an impact by Leveraging Creatively… Working Efficiently… Growing Competitively. We enable businesses, governmental bodies and organizations to successfully leverage their existing technology, maximize investments and work more efficiently, so that they may achieve their goals and grow competitively. Organizations looking to harness and maximize technology as a means to evolve their business will benefit from a partnership with Cayor.

Corporate Philosophy

Customer Experience, Exceptional, User-Friendly Technology and and a Clear Interest in Supporting the Well-Being of the communities we serve will be seen as Cayor’s differentiators to its customers. Cayor’s success lies in its capability as an innovative, accessible and expert firm. Cayor will be a business that holds the best interest of its customers and the communities in which we serve at the forefront of decision making and company development. Cayor intends to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility in areas that are directly related to its business.